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You may want to reinvent a room in your existing home or maybe youíre struggling to find the right white?  Perhaps youíre about to create a new home from scratch or have a commercial project to design?

Colours can be very deceptive and even though you may have tried some test pots at home, it can be very hard to visualise the end result without some help.  Most colours will have an underlying tone that isnít always noticeable until the whole room is painted or sometimes they donít quite complement the other colours or furnishings in the same space.

With 20 years of experience in design, decorative painting and consulting, I can help you avoid costly mistake and ensure that the end result is stunning and adds value to the project.


Interior Design Services include:

v  Colour schemes using Resene paint and Wallpaper, including 1 hour on site or working from plans. Fees: $175 - $250 depending on complexity.

v  Full Technical Product Specifications for interior and exterior if required.

v  A4 Mood Boards showing a collection of accessories and finishing ideas.

v  Be-spoke paint finishes, I can demonstrate techniques or create a paint effect on site. Fees: $75 per hour.

v  A full schedule of finishing products eg. flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting and soft furnishings. Fees: price will vary depending on project size.

v  Project management and pricing.


Jackie Nicholls

Diploma Interior Design - Interior Design Institute of NZ

Ph 0274 541 012


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